In what now feels like a past life, I designed software for a living. In my gut, though, it'd always felt like something was missing.

Before that, I'd always been an artistic soul, studying painting and singing, mixing colours very well before knowing the theory and raising semitones on command without knowing what it meant. Soon art came second to the fancy tech job, as did the fun.

One day the bill came.

Because the universe wanted me to focus on art, but it had a really funny way of showing.

I burned out, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and quit my job before it killed me. I spent five years learning how to manage the condition and relearning who I was outside of work.

It turns out I was still the same girl; who mixed colours and raised semitones, just a little rougher around the edges.

It took some polishing. Tech jobs can be creativity killers. Digging deep down for my sensitive and creative self was a process which was luckily shortcut by my passion for acrylic jewellery.

Acrylica is the result of it, and I love everything about it.

In art and fashion, jewellery has always had a special place in my heart, and acrylic looked like a material that lived up to my creative expectations. And boy, wasn't I right?

In a past life, I designed software for a living, and in this one I design beauty.

And that's only possible because of you.

Suellen Sponda