Acrylica is a British jewellery brand that creates unique, bold and elegant fashion jewellery, both designed and crafted by hand in-house. Our pieces are made with carefully selected acrylic, what makes them light and very comfortable to wear without compromising on quality or looks.

Ceated by designer Suellen Sponda in 2023, Acrylica is inspired primarily by culture, history, nature and architecture: the perfect marriage of the love for art, the love for people, and the pure obsession for acrylic.

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More than a body of water, an endless source of inspiration. The Mediterranean... 


All our abstract designs. 

We love creating intricate, vibrant jewellery for humans who are just as layered.

Meet the Designer

In what now feels like a past life, I designed software for a living. In my gut, though, it'd always felt like something was missing.

Before that, I'd always been an artistic soul, studying painting and singing, mixing colours very well before knowing the theory and raising semitones on command without knowing what it meant. Soon art came second to the fancy tech job, as did the fun.

One day the bill came...

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    All our products are handcrafted in our studio in England, using carefully selected Acrylic.


    Our packaging is eco-friendly.